Have you ever experienced that feeling when you finally pay off your car? If you haven’t, it’s freeing in the sense that you don’t have to pay a car payment any more. Unfortunately, not every vehicle lasts much longer than the pay off date, which leaves you purchasing another car and getting another car payment. If you’re in the car market and want a vehicle that will last you a long time, check out this awesome survey from Iseecars.com that breaks down the most popular cars that owners tend to keep for over 15 years.

The Study

To get this data, Iseecars.com observed and analyzed over 650,000 used cars from 1981-2002, sold between January through November 2017. The number of cars sold by the original owner was expressed as a percentage of the total number sold. “Original-owner” cars were bought as new by the owner. The models were then ranked by the original-owner percentage.

Something that can be seen from this list is that almost all brands are made by Japanese manufactures. There are no U.S. brands here, though of course some of these models are made in America. Also, you can see that Toyota dominates the list, with Honda/Acura putting up a valiant effort. This is really not that surprising, as all brands focus on building quality, and efficient cars for an affordable price.

What Does this Mean?

If you haven’t done the math for yourself yet, you’ll realize that 2003 was 15 years ago… Crazy right?! This means that there are a lot of first-generation Toyota Highlanders, Siennas and Tundras still driving on the roads today with the person who bought them new. Neat, right?

The next time you’re trying to find a new vehicle, remember that buying new doesn’t mean everything.  If you buy a great quality car like the Honda CR-V or Honda Civic  used,  then you’ll be saving money in the long run! Here at Auto Center of Texas, we have almost all the models listed above in our inventory right now! So what are you waiting for? Click here to search our inventory or call 469-804-2353 to schedule an appointment at one of our three locations to browse our inventory today!