Let’s be honest, a lot of us received our driver licenses quite a long time ago…

Therefore, it’s only natural to have forgotten some of detailed instructions we were given at just barely 15 years of age!

Because of this, we wanted to put a quick list of five driving safety tips together to help those that may need it.  Continue reading for a quick refresher that could potentially help you avoid a wreck in the future!

1) Look 5 Cars Ahead

Hands down this is the best way to avoid slamming on your brakes and risking a rear-end situation. This applies mostly to long-distance or highway driving, but it’s not a bad reminder for those days commuting in rush-hour traffic. When you’re an informed driver you can help to inform other drivers around you.

2) Stop Looking at Your Phone

If you’re checking your mirrors regularly and keeping an eye 5 cars ahead of you, there’s no way you’ll get sucked into staring down at your smartphone. At highway speeds, looking at your phone for 5 seconds is equivalent to traveling the distance of a football field. That’s 100 yards in mere seconds without your eyes on the road ahead of you. Just don’t do it. And if you’re a passenger, remind your driver not to do it either.

3) Try Not to Overcorrect

When you jerk the wheel in a direction that the car isn’t currently traveling, you throw it off balance. This type of reaction is how cars often end up on the wrong side of the road, flipped over, or in another precarious situation. Stay as calm as possible, and gradually guide your vehicle either back onto the road or to a complete stop in a safe place.

4) Use Your Hazard Lights

When there’s a fire truck or ambulance approaching and fellow vehicles on the road don’t seem to recognize it (or hear it), hazard lights can be a great help. Also use your warning lights when:

  • It’s foggy outside
  • Traffic has come to a sudden halt in front of you
  • An accident has occurred in front of you
  • When you actually need to show that you’re driving slow or fast for an emergency situation

5) Go Hand’s Free

Nearly every new vehicle has handsfree Bluetooth capabilities. That means you should, at the very least, connect so that you can make and take phone calls without holding your device. If you have an older vehicle, you can use hum by Verizon to enable Bluetooth connectivity and emergency roadside assistance.


We just want to keep our community roads and customers safe, so we hope this was a great reminder for you! If you have any other driving safety tips, please drop them in the comments below!