Do us a favor and take notice of a leasing commercial the next time you watch TV. They come on all the time and boast about incredibly low car payments for a brand new car! Seems too good to be true right? Right…because it is. Leasing a new vehicle can seem like a great way to get a quality car for a low monthly payment; however, this option is actually a complete waste of money in the long run.  Continue reading below to learn three reasons not to lease your next car!

Large Down Payments

Leasing commercials are very misleading. The down payment needed to achieve such low payment rates is often quite a large sum of money and is only portrayed in fine print on the lower left hand screen. Usually thousands of dollars are required to achieve the advertised rate.  A low down payment on used cars is generally more common. Here at Auto Center of Texas, we can put you in a car for just $99 down!

Limited Mileage Contract

Did you know if you go over the allotted mileage for your contract, you have to pay for them when you return the vehicle? This is called a mileage constraint and can add up quickly! When you purchase a used vehicle, there are no fees tacked onto the end of your contract.

No Pay Off 

You literally leave a leasing contract with nothing! After you’re done spending thousands of dollars over the course of the contract, the leased vehicle goes back to the dealer to get cleaned up and resold. When you buy a used car from Auto Center of Texas, you just have to finish making your payments to walk away with a great vehicle that is yours to keep or resell!


In conclusion, don’t get sucked into the lease trap because you’re trying to save on your monthly payment.  We understand at first glance leasing a new car may seem like a great option; however, it’s really a waste of money in the long run. Used vehicles already come with lower sticker prices, which mean lower monthly payments.

Browse our inventory here or come to Auto Center of Texas to learn how we can get you into a quality vehicle you can afford, without tricks behind the fine print!