Do you have a Christmas road trip planned to go see family? If so, continue reading to learn five things you need to do before you embark on your Holiday journey!

1. Clean Your Vehicle

Face it, no one likes a messy car- especially if you’re cooped up in it for hours! Take the time to give your car a thorough clean-out before you start loading it up! Everyone will thank you.

2. Service Your Vehicle

It may feel like a pain , but it’s really important to get your car serviced before you head out. Schedule an appointment with our service and repair team and we will get you road ready!

3. Make a Playlist

This one is important. Take the time to dig through your music and put together an awesome playlist for the trip. Great music makes everything better and road trips are no exception.

4. Create an Emergency Kit

Accidents and emergencies happen to everyone. It’s better to be prepared than not. Make sure you have a first-aid kit and a few basic tools, like a screwdriver, duct tape and zip ties.

5. Stock Up On Snacks

Snacks are an integral part of any successful road trip. You don’t want to be stopping every couple of hours for more food because it’s time consuming and expensive. Make sure you do some snack shopping before hand!


Everyone at Auto Center of Texas wishes you a Merry Christmas and safe travels!