We all know the Texas sun can damage your car’s paint job in a matter of just a couple years. This not only makes your car look dull, but it also decreases the value of it! To avoid sun damage and keep your paint job shiny and new, follow these steps!

1: Clean It

Make sure you clean your car often. Grime and other pollutants can get baked into your car’s paint job from the sun. This gives it a damaged, lack luster appearance no one wants to have. To avoid this from happening, wash your car often. To prevent scratches, use a cotton mitten or towel with an automotive cleansing product. DON’T USE DISH DETERGENT! This will strip your car’s paint job overtime. Also, don’t wash your vehicle in direct sunlight or it will dry the car in uneven places and leave streaks. Never scratch your car to get rid of dead bugs, instead, use a clay bar. It will quickly and efficiently get rid of those spots without leaving a scratch behind.

2: Thoroughly Dry Your Car

After you wash it, make sure you dry your car! When your car dries on its own from direct sunlight, minerals from the water evaporation process can build up and damage the paint job over time.

3: Go The Extra Mile: Wax It

Waxing your car really protects its paint job. The wax basically acts as a second layer of durable skin to your car, protecting it from everyday wear-and-tear. Try using a liquid sealant instead of dry waxing, it’s much quicker and effective. If you choose not to wax, grime could build up and end up damaging your paint job.

4: Purchase Protection Film

The Texas sun often turns the lights on cars yellow. To prevent this from happening, try an auto pain protection film. It acts as a direct barrier against the sun, and can also cover your whole car!

No car is immune from the damaging effects of the sun, but with these steps you can make the value of your car last a lot longer by protecting its paint job. Try them out!