Flue Season is officially upon us and here at Auto Center of Texas, we want to make sure you’re prepared! Continue reading to learn five tips to avoid sickness this flu season!

1. Wash Your Hands

Think of all the things your hands touch over the course of the day: A grocery cart, the handle on the door, that $10 bill in your wallet.

It’s important to wash your hands regularly to prevent the spread of disease. If you are unable to use soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Proper hand washing is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and others from illness.

2. Rest and Eat Healthy Foods

A good night’s rest can allow your body to build up its natural defenses against disease. And your body is fueled by the food that you eat, so quality nutrition can help you fight off the flu virus.

3. Call in Sick

Your body is telling you to stay home in bed, so why not listen?

Staying home and resting is preferable to struggling through the daily routine, as it helps you recover and prevents the spread of the disease to your coworkers and their families.

4. Cover Your Mouth

The flu is a droplet-borne illness, so those coughs and sneezes spread diseases.

Cough into a sleeve, elbow, or tissue that you throw away immediately, rather than into your hands. The CDC offers this handy infographic to remind people how to properly cover those coughs.

5. Disinfect Surfaces

Sanitizing surfaces like doorknobs, desktops, keyboards, and other often-touched

6. Take Antiviral Meds

If your doctor has determined that you could benefit from these medications, take them as directed. They can both shorten the duration of your illness and prevent serious complications from the flu.

7. Get a Seasonal Flu Shot

A flu shot can offer excellent protection from illness. It’s the best way to avoid or minimize the severity of the flu.


We hope this helps! Do you have any other methods to avoid the flu? Comment them below!