Test driving a vehicle before you purchase it is very important! Follow these test driving tips to ensure you find the best vehicle for you and your lifestyle!

1.Listen to the Car 

You need to be aware of any rattles, squeaks or thumps that occur when you start the car, brake and turn. Of course, you’ll want to test out the stereo system as well, but keep it off at first until you are confident that there are no errant sounds.

2. Get Comfortable

Are you comfortable? Are the seats supportive enough? You’ll likely spend a large portion of your day in your car between the commute, dropping the kids off and errands, so you want to feel at ease in it. Are the controls intuitive and easy for you to reach?

3. Decide What You Want 

Some shoppers are looking for economy and high gas mileage, while others need space. No matter your preferences, make sure you get a feel for the size of the car you’re driving. When you are test driving, maneuver the car like you would if you were driving around doing all your daily errands and make sure you’re confident with your new proportions.

4. Perform a Safety Check

Depending on your height and the model of the car, driving can either be a quick glance, an over the shoulder check, or a neck-craning, guessing game. Don’t compromise your safety or the safety of other drivers on the road by buying a car that doesn’t provide ample visibility for you. Adjust the mirrors during the test drive and be sure you are able to merge, reverse and change lanes with ease.

5. Push it to the Limits 

How does the car handle turns, is the steering responsive enough to suit your driving habits, do you have to push the brakes harder than you’re used to? Take the car for a real-world drive and test the acceleration to see how it rides on different surfaces as well as how it handles at your usual driving speeds.

Follow these tips to find the vehicle that’s best for you! If you’re interested in any of our vehicles, contact us today to schedule a test drive!